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A lot is crammed into the name: our ability to see the bigger conceptual picture, our innate attention to detail and the professionalism of our talented team all make us unique. That's why we don't shy away from calling The Special Something an all-round creative agency – to us, it's not just about designing an OK website or writing copy that fits into the space allocated.

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If you're unsure whether your brand is strong enough to stand out, chances are it isn't. At The Special Something, we don't just brainstorm cute brand names and design good looking logos – we build brand strategies and position them for growth. It all starts with realizing that the most important insights into what your brand should be like are in the hands of your potential clients. We'll figure them out, see exactly what the needs and wants of the market are and adapt your brand to fit that to a tee. Doing this will allow us to apply the brand consistently across channels, ensuring maximum impact.

UX design

Some might say user experience (UX) design is simply a fancy way to say 'market research' and in many ways, they'd be right. However, UX design is also more than just templated PowerPoint presentations and surveys. Here at The Special Something, every job starts with putting ourselves in the shoes of the users, mapping out their journey and setting out wireframes. At the very final stages of UX design, testing helps to iron out the remaining kinks and hey, presto – you've got an end result leads to meaningful interactions between users and your company, plus is optimized to achieve high conversion rates.


You can have the most thought out user experience and the sleekest design in the world, but it'll go nowhere if you don't have the right words. Our copywriters are brilliant at what they do: they can craft pages and pages worth of copy that mimic the feel of your brand, or they can give your current copy a professional once-over to ensure that it's not the one thing that's letting you down. Of course, copywriting isn't a solitary affair and our brilliant writers collaborate with brand strategists, UX and UI designers to achieve consistency and optimize text across devices.

UI design

Although our UX and UI teams are in continuous conversation to produce a final result that's optimised to the very last drop shadow and form field, there comes a time for the user interface (UI) designers to take over. Every layout, colour, font and icon is carefully thought through to achieve a consistent look. Yet designing highly intuitive interfaces isn't just about making things nice to look at. It's about making it effortless to use, but still allow that special something of your brand to shine through. That way, your users have a memorable experience – great for both your potential clients and your business.


We speak your language – whatever programming language you're working with, that is. Each and every one of our developers is a whizz in their respective field, but they all come together to ensure that sites are functional, yet still instinctive and simple enough to work for most. Luckily, our visual designers also have a pretty good sense of what development entails, so the teams are able to work on projects seamlessly. And when it's all said and done, The Special Something and you definitely won't part ways – we're always happy to provide you with continued guidance and support.

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