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Tailored Money is an independent financial affiliate site that allows its customers with poor credit scores to apply for mortgages and business loans. They do so by introducing them to the best loan suppliers available to them in the UK.

Starting out on this project, we were given a lot of creative freedom by the client to establish a new online brand from scratch. We were also tasked with setting up a WordPress site that would fully focus on generating as many enquiries as possible, optimising for maximum referrals.

CLIENT tailored money
commissioned by brinn marketing
YEAR 2017
Services brand identity, UI design & development

Setting off on this project, The Special Something team steered towards a modern and minimal look for the logo and the site itself, ensuring the enquiry forms were kept as simple and intuitive as possible to minimise abandonment.

In order to optimise the site for conversions, we kept three aspects in mind throughout the process: the emotional appeal, the use of high quality imagery to create settings that potential applicants can easily relate to, and creating a clear value proposition – why they would be better off if they chose Tailored Money.

In the end, combining both the branding and the site design allowed us to craft a cohesive experience for the potential clients of Tailored Money. This was achieved by using strong call-to-action elements and leading visitors by the hand through the application forms.


Brand identity

To create an instantly recognisable online brand, a minimal yet impactful logo was designed.



The user interface was designed to clearly lay out the services, inform clients and generate conversions.



We used a premium WordPress theme that we then altered and customised, adding bespoke plugins too.

Giving the brand a face

PHASE 01 / Brand Identity

For Tailored Money, we picked a colour scheme that combines white and light grey shades with 'pelorous' (#30aabc) and 'blue whale' (#03363d) as accent colours. The final logo variant consists of a graphic element – the fingerprint – and the brand name itself.

We thought that the fingerprint was ideal in this project as it's a more abstract interpretation of the human finger, which also is unique for each individual. That's just like the service that Tailored Money provides, creating bespoke offers for each enquiry they receive and treating every person as a unique individual, as opposed to a walking bad credit score.

The font used for the brand name is the Intro font, created by Fontfabric. The font's strongly expressed geometric makeup and structure gives it a personality that's highly distinct. The characters if this font, especially the A and the O, are based on simple geometric forms, namely triangles, circles and squares – an attribute, which strongly appealed to us.


 early concepts


A combination of an upward trend graph and a wallet was used for one of the initial concepts of the logo. This design was matched with the bold and playful Museo Sans W01 Rounded 700 font.

After receiving the feedback from the client to try for a more font based logo, we created another iteration of the logo using FontFabric's Intro font – a modern font distinguished by its strong geometric shapes.

A wallet design was merged into a text balloon to indicate how approachable and friendly the company was. This graphic was combined with the modern and minimal Aileron font.

Building trust through simplicity

PHASE 02 / Ui design

While the brand identity of Tailored Money is minimal and modern, The Special Something team decided that adding a more informal, friendly and personal touch to the design would boost the credibility of this new site. So, we added a row of hand-drawn houses to the site design, which gave the site a more friendly and approachable feeling, making the visitors more inclined to trust Tailored Money and to fill out the enquiry form.

With the focus of the entire project resting predominantly on generating conversions, we were well aware that we had to guide visitors to the call-to-action in a natural way. This was done by adding a main CTA in the hero section of every page or by adding two CTA buttons and a full-width CTA banner on content-heavy pages.

Once the people would reach the stage of filling out an enquiry form, we wanted them to find it as easy as possible. So, we used big, bold answer options in drop-down menus, and visualised all the answers through bespoke iconography without distracting them from the questions themselves.

The hand-drawn houses, the CTA solutions and the examples of iconography are shown below.


Bringing it all to life

PHASE 03 / Development

Finishing the UI design brought us to the final step of the project – the development. Despite using a premium WordPress theme framework, the site required a significant amount of custom coding, mainly due to the intricacies of the enquiry forms.

For the multi-step form development, we used a combination of the premium Ninja Forms plugin and custom PHP coding too. All forms are, just like the entire site, fully responsive and comprehensive conversion tracking is set up. Furthermore, The Special Something developers created a custom script for the client to download every enquiry that's submitted through the back-end of the site. This allows the client to redistribute the data to the sales team very easily.

So far, the site has performed extremely well, surpassing even the most optimistic expectations of the client. The average conversion rate ranges from 50% to 70%, depending on the traffic source, and the site-wide bounce rate is less than 5%.

We love the functional design of the site and the number of conversions are exceeding our expectations.
Ryan Prentice (founder)


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