digital report design
for shoppertrak

digital report design
for shoppertrak

ShopperTrak, formerly known as FootFall, provides data-driven insights to retailers and shopping centres worldwide to optimise the shopping experience and improve profitability.

When we were approach to create the new quarterly trend reports for FootFall to develop stronger reports that would communicate key data clearer while staying in line with the organisation's identity. During this project we were responsible for a wide range of services, from creating page plans and designing the page content to image selection and designing infographics.

commissioned by Fieldworks
YEAR 2016
Services (Digital) Print Design

Working to briefs set by the marketing team of FootFall's PR firm we there were very specific design requirements that called upon our creative problem solving skills. With a recognisable and strong brand at the heart of FootFall, it is vital that we were to adhere and reinforce this whilst ensuring to convey an engaging message. On top of that the client gave us a tight deadline for the turn-around of full report designs.

This all together meant we had work quickly without losing sight of delivering a high quality product. As the project started off as a major puzzle with a lot of requirements and 'don't's', it meant we had to come up with creative solutions to keep the reports visually appealing.


UX design

Getting the page plans and layouts right was essential, as a lot of information had to be addressed and presented in each and every report.


Infographic DESIGN

In order to stay within the required number of pages per report, a strong emphasis was placed on visualising data and showing instead of telling.



Although a brand guide was provided, a lot of the graphic elements were yet to be designed, allowing us to give each report a distinct character.

optimising pages

PHASE 01 / UX design

One of the main requirements from the client was to stay below a certain number of pages per report. Combined with the fact that we had to bring a lot of data together on every page of the report without making it feel cramped or lose the sense of openness to the design certainly called for a perfectly optimised layout for every page of the reports.

In order to achieve these perfectly laid out pages we started reading into previous report to get a full understanding of the data that was being communicated and by sketching page plans. Soon we came to realise that using infographics would be the way forward to communicate data quickly and clearly, while saving precious space on the pages.


Visualising data

PHASE 02 / infographic design

Focussing on the 'show, don't tell' rule we wanted to visualise the data as much as possible without losing clarity. As every nation discussed in the report has its own chapter with its data we tried to visualise this by drawing the country's map joint by a main statement and its in- or decrease in consumer activity in either a triangle pointing up- or downwards depending on the performances.

Trickier to design were the main infographics that provided an overview of the performances of each discussed nation per region. We decided to create a circular infographic with the nations and their performances grouped per region around it, as you can see in the examples below. To allow the reader to quickly scan for positive and negative performances were colour coded them; blue for an increase in consumer activity and red for a decrease.

making the final touches

PHASE 03 / Publishing

As we were given guidelines to have the reports remain consistent to the current branding of FootFall we stuck to the same colour scheme and typography already in place. By combining the current brand identity and the custom infographics we created we were only a step away from designing the reports. The page plans and the exact lay-outs were the backbone of the reports which we filled with appealing graphics and stunning photography to keep the readers interested, but not (too much) distracted.

As the quarterly reports were designed to the full satisfaction of the client we kept working closely with the marketing team and became also responsible for the design of client presentations, workbooks and topical reports.


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