Scalable Product Design for Web3 at a Fixed Monthly Rate

People have an ever-shrinking attention span and “like, literally no time.” A misplaced button, one too many questions on a form, and you’ll find out exactly why 9 out of 10 startups fail. Mix in the innovative Web3 industry and the result is an extremely competitive industry where UX is a decisive factor.

We design Web3 products that are frictionless – from MVP to full scale. Let’s make sure your Web3 startup beats the odds.

Winning startups
get product design right


Product design is much like caring for a baby. Anticipate user needs or deal with expensive electronics flying around and a fair amount of screaming too. We engage your customers and find the best ways to fit your product into their lives, both digital and physical.


“This is the best thing since sliced… Netflix,” your early adopters exclaim. You’ve gotten your product/market fit just right, but is your design ready for the next 100,000 users? What about 1M? Our work is future-proof, saving you time and money on complete redesigns later.


You’re not a charity. (Unless you are, in which case we do pro bono work). You need to track metrics to make sure your product design work translates into business results. Blending user, operational, and financial metrics lets you see the value of design – in dollars.

User research & personas


UX/UI design

UX Writing

WCAG accessibility & compliance

Product design strategy

Competitive research

Feature roadmap

Design systems & asset libraries

UX audit

Defining product KPIs

Usability testing

User flows


Design handoffs

Discover the simplicity

I had the pleasure of working on a series of projects to improve the product experience for our users. TSS has a very strong visual aesthetic and keen eye for detail. They know how to interpret feedback into incredible visual solutions for his clients and always delivers in a timely manner.

Ashley Nader - PhoneBurner

We have been over the moon with the work ethic and outcome of the efforts on this complex project. They’ve been going the extra mile by conducting additional user research to ensure total clarity, comprehensive feedback and get to a product we're all very proud of.

Terje Hjelm - Project Manager SEB Bank


Select your plan

Pick the plan that fits your needs best. Remember; plans can always be paused.


Pitch your product

Make us familiar with your product either trhough a call, a video recording or in written form.


Line up features

Together we agree on  a backlog of design tasks to work through.


We do our thing

After each weekly sprint you’ll receive an overview of the completed work.


Review the designs

You either provide feedback which we’ll implement or accept the designs and we move on to the next tasks.

Recent work

Pick your plan


No commitment. Cancel or pause at anytime.

What’s included:

Design queue
Weekly Design Sprints
Pause or cancel anytime

$ 3,995/m

Paid monthly

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Save $6,000 per year.

What’s included:

Design queue
Weekly Design Sprints

$ 3,495/m

Paid annually

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UX Writing

Determine the tone of messaging, create a more human connection, and bring your product to the next level with our UX writing.

$ 1,995/m

Paid monthly (only in combination with an active design subscription)


UX Writing

Determine the tone of messaging, create a more human connection, and bring your product to the next level with our UX writing.

$ 1,995/m

Paid monthly (only in combination with an active design subscription)



How long does it take for you to finish work?

Our turnaround time depends on what stage your startup is at and what services you’re hiring us for. We work in weekly design sprints, allowing us to dive deeper into your user’s needs while still keeping a good pace. The important thing to note is that we work on one task at a time

Why wouldn’t I just hire a full-time designer?

Hiring us means that you get instant access to top product design talent, without going through the hiring process. Plus, there are no strings attached, so you can get the work you need done and then put your contract with The Special Something on pause until the next task comes along – whenever that is. 

What tools do you design with?

We mainly work in Figma. We might use some other tools while conducting user research or working on strategy, but designs will always be delivered in Figma.

Can you also help us with marketing? Pitch decks? Development?

Our product design muscles are the ones that we flex every day and they’re by far the bulkiest – sexy 💪. But we’ll consider ad hoc requests for other related work. We also have partners with whom we can team up for things like marketing and development. Everyone we work with has values that match ours: complete transparency, faultless communication skills, and absolute professionalism in their respective fields.

How would we work together, in practice? What are your design ops?

Some design agencies will outline their ‘process’ or the way they do things, step by step. We find that limiting and prefer to adapt our design operations to fit your needs exactly. We’d flesh these details out - from how we’d stay in touch to how we’d deliver work - in our first call, email, or however else you’d like to communicate.

Are you going to steal my business idea? Is my business data safe with you?

Both of these questions are taken care of by us signing an NDA. We have a standard NDA agreement that we use, but you’re always welcome to present us with your own.